EUROPA-CENTER Air24 / Air30Efficient design linked to aeronautics

We developed the twin buildings EUROPA-CENTER Air24 and Air30 in Hamburg Finkenwerder in close collaboration with Airbus which allowed us to adapt the buildings perfectly to the needs of the aviation group and its suppliers. In addition, the buildings have been constructed in an environmentally conscious manner in accordance with the latest green building standards, which means that users rent not only modern, but above all sustainable office space.

Much of the design of the properties with modern office space is evocative of their close connection to aviation. This is most evident in a meeting room designed like the cabin of an Airbus A380. It is located in the Airbus BizLab, where start-ups are provided with the ideal conditions for turning aerospace innovations into successful business models.

The buildings are equipped with modern air conditioning technology. The built-in concrete core temperature control is environmentally friendly and uses geothermal energy. Last but not least, the properties are equipped with efficient building control systems with high-quality computer cabling and external sun protection.

Property data

Total area (GFA) approx. 33,600 m²
Lease space approx. 28,300 m²
Completion 2013 - 2015
Floors Ground floor to 5th floor
Parking spaces approx. 554 (of which approx. 377 in the multi-storey car park)
Sustainability 1st phase of construction: BREEAM certificate
Addresses Hein-Saß-Weg 24 und 30
21129 Hamburg

SurroundingsA site that links air and sea travel

Hamburg Finkenwerder is on a peninsula on the north bank of the Elbe. The site is of particular interest to Airbus suppliers and service providers, as the Airbus plant is located there. Furthermore, businesses based here also benefit from its proximity to the motorway and the port of Hamburg.

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