ManagementSuccessful together

With more than 100 employees, EUROPA-CENTER relies on flat hierarchies, as short decision-making processes are an integral part of our corporate culture. EUROPA-CENTER is managed by our board of directors, division managers and overall project managers.

Our division managers

  • Torsten Bley

    Torsten Bley

    Division manager: Finance and Accounting

  • Ulf Borwieck

    Ulf Borwieck

    Division manager: Construction

  • Marcus Breuer

    Marcus Breuer

    Division manager: Leasing & Marketing

  • Ute Christophersen

    Ute Christophersen

    Division manager: Planning

  • Mathias Krause

    Mathias Krause

    Division manager: Technical Property management

  • Eva Krüger

    Eva Krüger

    Division manager: Commercial Property management

  • Malte Thomsen

    Malte Thomsen

    Division manager: IT / Digitalization

Our overall project managers

  • Andreas Jantzen

    Andreas Jantzen

    Overall project management Gateway Gardens

  • Andreas Teigeler

    Andreas Teigeler

    Overall project management Eschborn and Airportstadt

  • Silke Vieth

    Silke Vieth

    Overall project management building stock

Our supervisory committee

  • Dr. Reinhard Kutscher

    Dr. Reinhard Kutscher

    Chairman, Dr. jur.

  • Uwe Heinrich Suhr

    Uwe Heinrich Suhr

    Vice Chairman, Qualified Marketing Professional, FCIM (UK)

  • Lutz Basse

    Lutz Basse

    Dipl. Betriebswirt (qualified business economist)

  • Carsten Franke

    Carsten Franke

    Diplom-Kaufmann (MBA equivalent)