City Süd, which is approximately 90 hectares in size, is one of Hamburg’s most popular and thriving office sites, after the inner city. This is confirmed by how loyal many reputable office leaseholders are to the site, amongst approximately 800 businesses. Alongside its immediate proximity to Hamburg’s inner city and main railway station, the site is characterised above all by its excellent infrastructure with various amenities on offer. There are lots of modern and innovative office spaces to lease, and attractive living spaces are also becoming more and more commonplace. Despite being firmly established, the site still has huge potential for development and space, which is supported by the Hamburg Senate’s urban development plans, amongst other things. We have been involved in City Süd since 1990 and played a significant role in designing and developing the office site. We currently own over 55,000 m² of office and business space at this site. Our EUROPA-CENTER head office is also here in Hammerbrook.

You can get more information on City Süd by visiting the City Süd Interest Group website.