The name ‘Airport City’ isn’t far from the truth. No other site in Germany is so close to an airport and yet in the immediate vicinity to the city centre. Around 500 businesses that create a lively atmosphere of innovative small firms, startups and global players with considerable economic clout are based in the area, which is over 200 hectares in size. One of these businesses is Airbus Bremen. Furthermore, there are opportunities for synergy effects with the Bremen University of Applied Sciences campus, also located here.
Since inaugurating our first EUROPA-CENTER property in 1999, we expanded our stock in the Airport City to over 70,000 m² of offices for lease, and we are now one of the largest project developers and proprietors on site. We are aiming to expand the EUROPA-CENTER Airportstadt by an additional 15,500 m² of office space. There are also additional plots available for development in the Airport City.

You can get more information on the Airport City interest group website, and in the AIR district magazine.