EUROPA-CENTER AdlerduoModernity meets classical architecture

EUROPA-CENTER Adlerduo is in the heart of Adlershof. The wings of the building encompass two attractive, leafy internal courtyards. Deep windowsills, large balconies and roof terraces which span its circumference are the new-build’s architectural characteristics.

Some special features are the listed, temperature-controlled ball-shaped labs from the GDR period that are prominent in the building’s internal courtyard. This aspect of the Adlershof science site attracts not only leaseholders, residents and students, but tourists as well. The exterior, which has a nostalgic yet futuristic feel, draws a fascinating contrast to modern building architecture.

The EUROPA-CENTER was built according to DGNB green building standards, using natural building materials. The building’s technology uses geothermal energy, solar energy and rainwater to a large degree. The room temperature, lighting and sun protection are controlled by intelligent building technology in an economical, convenient manner. In the third phase of construction, the temperature control system built into the ceiling screens provides an indoor climate which is always comfortable.

Property data

Total area (GFA) approx. 36,000 m²
Lease space approx. 26,000 m²
Completion 2008 - 2015
Floors Basement to 5th floor
Parking spaces approx. 150 in an underground car park on-site, approx. 580 more in the multi-storey car park
Sustainability 2nd phase of construction: DGNB Gold Certificate
3rd phase of construction: Seeking to obtain DGNB Gold Certificate
Addresses Rudower Chaussee 11 - 13
Am Studio 1 - 1a
Walther-Nernst-Straße 1 - 5
12489 Berlin

SurroundingsOne of Germany’s most successful technology centres

Berlin Adlershof is a district that has grown over time to include everything you need to live and work. With its businesses and markets, the residential area on one side of the S-Bahn (urban train) station complements the industrial estate on the other to create a multi-faceted site for business and research. The infrastructure, which is great as it is, is being constantly expanded and added to in a meaningful way, not least due to our on-site project developments. In this way, we were able to react to strong growth on the site and associated lack of parking spaces – the first multi-storey car park was built by EUROPA-CENTER in the surrounding area.

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