BerlinDeutsche Bahn (DB Bahnbau Gruppe)

  • Leaseholder in EUROPA-CENTER Adlerduo in Berlin Adlershof since 2016
  • Extension of a 4,500 m² new-build space with four storeys, for over 200 employees
  • Concept development together with our architects, the leaseholder and Brand Campus marketing agency
  • The colour and design concept picks up on various architectural elements of the railway group
  • Integration of a conference centre
  • Creation of 70% open working environments

HamburgBizLab (Airbus)

  • Leaseholder in EUROPA-CENTER Hamburg Finkenwerder since 2015
  • Extension of a 1,000 m² new-build space
  • Concept development together with the leaseholder and architects from Parat Architekturbüro
  • Taking the individual colour concept into account
  • Meeting rooms incl. a genuine aeroplane window in the external walls
  • Bistros with counters for relaxed environment to communicate in
  • Conference rooms and creativity park for open space and new ideas
  • Lounge areas with seat cushions for relaxed exchanges
  • Think tanks: enclosed rooms for focused work
  • Rolling office furniture for flexible room design


  • Leaseholder in EUROPA-CENTER Bremen Airportstadt, which has since been sold
  • Conversion of a 2,000 m² existing space
  • Taking into account the leaseholder’s individual colour concept
  • Spacious reception area with curved walls
  • Use of glass elements, wood flooring and cove lighting

BremenDMK Baby

  • Leaseholder in EUROPA-CENTER Bremen Airport City, which has since been sold
  • Conversion of a 1,600 m² existing space
  • Taking into account the leaseholder’s individual colour concept
  • Use of large-format wallpapers
  • Implementation of open-plan offices with acoustic elements and furniture
  • Installation of an internal spiral staircase


  • Leaseholder in EUROPA-CENTER Essen Kruppstraße since 2014
  • Extension of a 6,000 m² new-build space to create the company’s new head office
  • Concept development together with the VonHaveProjekt
  • Modern office concept offering a mix between an open office atmosphere and a professional ambience
  • Extensive use of glass elements
  • Lounge areas with different themes
  • Individual workspace design and lighting
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