PhilosophieWe look after our properties throughout their entire life cycle

As builders, we predominantly develop projects for our own stock. This means that we look after our properties throughout the whole life cycle, starting with plot acquisition and project development, through planning and construction, all the way to leasing and property management. Our way of working ensures the highest degree of effectiveness during implementation and thus a great deal of cost and planning security for our leaseholders.

Our leaseholders are at the centre of everything we do

With more than 100 employees, our business relies on flat hierarchies, as short decision-making processes are an integral part of our corporate culture. Work is done in interdisciplinary teams who can closely focus on our clients’ requirements, from development to marketing. We are also independent thanks to our own architects, draftsmen and engineers and their high level of expertise and experience.

Als Mieter der EUROPA-CENTER AG bekommen Sie alles aus einer Hand.

Flexibility and financial strength

We develop properties that are not only user-friendly but also designed to meet the individual needs and requirements of our leaseholders. We always award construction works by trade, which gives us a high degree of flexibility and allows us to adapt plans to leaseholder-specific designs during the implementation phase if required.

Another crucial advantage in the market is our financial strength. It allows us to fund our projects entirely from our own resources - an essential prerequisite for fast and smooth project implementation.


We accurately analyse a region’s potential and then specifically invest in sites that can be flexibly adapted for the future. We founded EUROPA-CENTER International GmbH in order to expand our real estate portfolio beyond Germany’s borders to emerging sites in the European Union. Our international team has been conducting various portfolio analyses throughout Europe since 2013. As a result, we have acquired a hotel property in the greater Barcelona area, which is being developed as a 4-Star Holiday Inn. Further plots for offices are in the acquisition phase.

The beginnings of the foreign activities of the company’s founder, Uwe Heinrich Suhr, date back to the 1980s. At the time, he acquired a number of properties in England and carried out a number of purchases and sales. Comprehensive market analyses have also been conducted in Poland, Denmark and Switzerland.


Whether it is the use of renewable energies, the use of healthy building materials, the creation of a low-noise working environment or accessibility – all our new construction projects are certified according to the specifications of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). This enables us to guarantee sustainable operation in economic, ecological, and social terms.

However, our sustainability approach does not end with the operation of the buildings. We are now also consistently thinking about end-of-use and integrating innovative concepts for circular planning and construction into our work. In doing so, we focus on the entire building as well as on individual components and materials. In the future, we want to increasingly use products in the new buildings and our large real estate portfolio, which can once again serve as high-quality raw material for a new product at the end of their service life. When selecting products, we attach great importance to ensuring that they have a Cradle to Cradle® certificate. This certificate proves the use of environmentally safe, healthy, and recyclable materials, regenerative forms of energy and the responsible use of resources. With our circular approach, we are incrementally converting our buildings into raw material depots of the future and contributing to the transformation of our once resource-intensive industry into a climate-positive one.