HistoryWe build for the future

Our business has been trading under the name of EUROPA-CENTER AG since 2001; the company is privately held and its sole shareholder is the Suhr family – founders and owners of the business. Transferring shares and the resulting rights to the EUROPA-CENTER Uwe-Heinrich Suhr foundations ensures that the EUROPA-CENTER real estate group remains self-sufficient over the long term.

The EUROPA-CENTER real estate group’s development and history is closely linked to the entrepreneurial activities of company founder Uwe Heinrich Suhr. In 1968, the ambitious entrepreneur began financing and selling flats and real estate holdings. In the 1980s, the focus shifted to the office/commercial sector with the subsequent expansion of the EUROPA-CENTER group.

Alongside his active involvement on the supervisory board, dyed-in-the-wool Hanseatic citizen Uwe Heinrich Suhr is constantly striving to link his corporate activity with his commitment to the local community. This approach led to the founding of the EUROPA-CENTER Uwe-Heinrich Suhr Foundation and the Ingeborg Suhr Foundation at the beginning of the new millennium. The two foundations have made it a priority to support research at our sites.

Both foundations are already involved with EUROPA-CENTER real estate group companies to ensure that the business remains self-sufficient over the long term. The remaining shares are intended to go to the foundation over the long term.